Planning, Research & Evaluation Services (PRES) Associates is a woman-owned business with offices in Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming. Started in 1999 by Dr. Mariam Azin, the articulated purpose of PRES Associates is to conduct applied research and evaluation which contributes to the betterment of society. PRES Associates provides a full range of evaluation and research services related to: strategic planning, program planning and logic model development, research and evaluation design, policy studies, needs assessments, survey design, data collection, statistical analysis, report preparation, and presentations tailored to all types of audiences.

PRES Associates has extensive content expertise in the areas of education, at-risk youth, community-based programs, social services, mental health and criminal justice and regularly works with a wide range of clients and stakeholders from federal, state and local educational and government agencies; foundations; non-profit and community organizations; and the private sector. Our team has served as evaluators on several federally funded grants such as the Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant, Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program (CSRD), the Carl D. Perkins Act, Reading First, and Eisenhower Regional Mathematics and Science Consortia. Additionally, PRES Associates has conducted large-scale quasi-experimental studies comparing the effects of different educational interventions using existing longitudinal state assessment data in California, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Several of the large-scale experimental studies conducted by PRES Associates have been reviewed by the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC). In a recent WWC review of research on elementary math curricula, a research study conducted by PRES Associates was one of only 2 studies (out of 230 reviewed) that fully met the quality criteria put forth by the WWC. Several research studies conducted by PRES Associates have also been cited by Dr. Robert Slavin, of the Center for Educational Research & Reform at Johns Hopkins University, as part of a series of “Best Evidence Synthesis” designed to provide a comprehensive review of research on the effectiveness of different educational programs.

We bridge the worlds of academia and applied research in that, while our studies are designed to meet rigorous research standards, such research is disseminated in a manner that is user-friendly and accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Our focus is on making research useful and translating it in a meaningful way to impact practice. At PRES Associates we work closely with clients to tailor evaluations that provide them with the information they need to demonstrate effectiveness and improve, and inform their program and service delivery on an ongoing basis.