For more than 20 years, PRES Associates’ researchers have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in conducting evaluations in real-world settings. Our evaluations are designed to enable our clients to make important decisions regarding specific program components (e.g. services) and the future direction of their program(s). Our formative evaluation expertise includes conducting:

  • a) needs assessments to determine who needs the program, the extent of need, and how the need can best be met,
  • b) conceptualization and planning to guide stakeholders in defining the program, identifying and estimating target population(s), and identifying possible outcomes (including group facilitation and logic model development),
  • c) monitoring of program fidelity, to determine if the program is being implemented as intended, and
  • d) process evaluation to examine the process of delivering the program.

Formative evaluation typically concludes with the summative evaluation to examine program outcomes and determine overall program effectiveness.