PRES Associates works with a wide range of clients including the non-profit, governmental, and for-profit sectors which need high-quality research conducted by a reputable, external, independent research firm.  PRES Associates seeks to bridge the worlds of academia and applied research in that, while the research is designed to meet rigorous research standards, such research is disseminated in a manner that is user-friendly so all clients and stakeholders benefit.  PRES is especially adept at balancing the competing values of conducting sound research while working under practical and fiscal constraints.

Content Area Expertise

PRES Associates’ researchers have extensive experience in the following areas:

Research Design & Analysis

PRES Associates offers a range of research design and analysis services designed specifically to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Expertise includes, but is not limited to, designing studies that are: experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational (e.g. observational and longitudinal), and descriptive (e.g. case studies, surveys, etc.).  Our extensive experience also includes conducting power analysis, sampling, literature review synthesis and meta-analysis, and a wide-range of data analytical techniques (including descriptive, categorical data analysis, general test theory, hierarchical learning modeling, longitudinal analysis, multi-level analysis, multivariate analysis, regression models, and more).

Systems Development

Through PRES Associates’ work with multiple State Departments of Education, numerous local educational agencies, and varied government agencies, we have developed information technology systems designed to manage information, enhance decision-making processes and streamline the delivery of information. Working closely with each client, we establish design specifications and provide implementation support and maintenance for computer systems to meet that client’s specific needs.


For more than 20 years, PRES Associates’ researchers have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in conducting evaluations in real-world settings. Our evaluations are designed to enable our clients to make important decisions regarding specific program components (e.g. services) and the future direction of their program(s). Our formative evaluation expertise includes conducting:

  • a) needs assessments to determine who needs the program, the extent of need, and how the need can best be met,
  • b) conceptualization and planning to guide stakeholders in defining the program, identifying and estimating target population(s), and identifying possible outcomes (including group facilitation and logic model development),
  • c) monitoring of program fidelity, to determine if the program is being implemented as intended, and
  • d) process evaluation to examine the process of delivering the program.

Formative evaluation typically concludes with the summative evaluation to examine program outcomes and determine overall program effectiveness.

Data Collection & Management

PRES Associates has extensive experience in both quantitative (e.g., assessments, checklists, performance tools, surveys, etc.) and qualitative (structured/semi-structured/unstructured interviews, focus groups, observational case studies, etc.) data collection techniques. Given the trade offs in selecting one method over another (e.g., breadth versus depth, generalizability, etc.), PRES Associates often recommends a mixed-methods approach in our research and evaluation designs in order to increase the validity of findings by triangulation across multiple methods.

Regardless of method(s) employed, PRES Associates’ researchers have the expertise to develop well-crafted and psychometrically sound customized instrumentation to address clients’ research questions, and to manage all data (print and electronic) according to the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation.

Professional Development

Enhanced by our network of experienced professionals, PRES Associates delivers high-quality professional development. Customized professional development opportunities are designed to expand knowledge and build valuable skills required by organizational needs and goals.  Our experience includes conducting sessions via workshops, presentations, webinars, online training, as well as developing case studies, role plays, and simulations based on goals specific to the client organization. From planning through delivery to follow-up, PRES Associates is available to assist with all professional development needs.