Educational Curricula and Interventions

Evaluation of Education Curricula/Programs on behalf of Private Entities

PRES Associates has conducted over twenty educational curricula studies in districts across the country, impacting tens of thousands of students. These have typically consisted of large-scale randomized control trails evaluating the effectiveness of language arts, math and science curricula. Contrasts are made between various different types of educational programs and pedagogical practices. Several studies have been reviewed by the What Works Clearinghouse and have fully met the evidence standards put forth by the WWC. The WWC provides educators, policymakers, and the public with an independent source of scientific evidence of what works in education.

Longitudinal Quasi-Experimental Evaluations of Educational Interventions

Studies conducted by PRES Associates have also consisted of the evaluation of educational programs using existing statewide assessment data on behalf of private educational publishing companies. Studies have been conducted using assessment data from Florida, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, California and Georgia. These studies have employed quasi-experimental designs where comparisons are made between schools that have been matched on key student and school characteristics, and randomly selected for further analyses. Typically, cohorts of students are followed over time to look at performance trends in relation to implementation of educational interventions.

High School Reform in Wyoming

The overarching purpose of this project was to obtain firsthand information about exemplary practices being undertaken in Wyoming, and to ascertain the specific needs and issues facing high schools in the state as a whole. This project was designed to learn about the contexts in which high school reform is occurring in Wyoming high schools, it’s planning and design, implementation, and impact, especially on students.

At-Risk Youth and Families

United Way of Santa Barbara County Fun in the Sun Program

This summer program provides educational and recreational opportunities to low-income, at-risk children in the greater Santa Barbara community in order to promote academic, social and emotional growth. PRES Associates researchers evaluated the impact of this program on student literacy and social skills.

Power of Partnership Initiative

The purpose of this project was to identify the core issues in the health and human service areas affecting children, families, and seniors in the Santa Barbara community. Based on the results of a needs assessment, a comprehensive, community-wide strategic plan was developed for children, families, or seniors in order to serve as a blueprint for prioritizing community goals, and identifying measurable outcomes and the strategies to achieve these goals.

Dropout Prevention, Mental Health and Social Services

Safe Schools Health Students (SSHS) Grants

The SSHS grant consists of coordinated sets of community services that represent collaborative efforts between local public schools, mental health agencies, law enforcement and juvenile justice agencies. Funds are provided for coherent services that promote the common goals of prosocial behavior, early childhood development, positive mental health, academic achievement and prevention of violent behavior, substance use, and dropout. Activities performed included working with project staff and key stakeholders to refine sustainable goals, developing an online referral and information management system, providing formative feedback to inform ongoing program delivery and implementation, and evaluating the overall effectiveness of the initiative.

Youth Partnership Initiative

This project was designed to improve upon the assets (positive behaviors and attitudes) among community youth. As part of the project, surveys were conducted with youth to determine gaps in assets and identify strategies to address identified gaps.

County Department of Mental Health

PRES Associates researchers conducted a longitudinal study examining patterns of service utilization and contact among dual diagnosis patients across the mental health and law enforcement agencies.

Career and Technical Education

Evaluation of Carl Perkins IV Career and Technical Education Programs

This project involves the design, supervision and management of a statewide data collection and reporting system for career and technical education at the secondary and post secondary levels. Technical assistance, statistical analyses, and reports are provided at the local, state and federal levels as part of this federally funded program.

Rigorous Program of Study Federal Grant, Arizona Department of Education

This project involved evaluation of Career and Technical Education Rigorous Programs of Study (RPOS) being implemented within select schools in Arizona. In addition to evaluating the rigor in which programs are being implemented with fidelity, information was gathered on how best to implement such programs statewide so that youth are better prepared for their future careers. Activities included regular meetings with program staff, site visits to RPOS sites, and data collection for the national evaluation efforts.

Professional Development

State Professional Development Grant

PRES Associates organized and hosted professional development activities for secondary and post secondary Career and Technical Education educators, including pertinent industry certifications, academic and technical curriculum integration and multi-activity conferences.

Professional Development Needs Assessments

PRES Associates conducted a needs assessment for the State of Wyoming to identify patterns and needs in regards to teacher recruitment, retention and professional development.

Systems Development

Comprehensive Referral and Information Systems

As part of the Schools Safe Schools Healthy Students evaluations, PRES Associates developed custom online referral and tracking systems. These systems allow for instantaneous referrals to be made, tracking and follow-up of referrals, monitoring of service access and delivery, and discharge planning. Consent forms for sharing of information are stored on the system and allows for coordination and communication between agencies as agreed to by clients. Ongoing interactive reporting and monitoring features are embedded to develop local evaluation capacity and provide an infrastructure for continued seamless service delivery.

Wyoming Statewide Career and Technical Assessment (WyCTA) System

PRES Associates designed and created a data management and reporting system to collect and report on mandated Perkins CTE data for the state of Wyoming. The data system is routinely updated according to federal, state and local accountability requirements. Click here.

Comprehensive Assessment System

PRES Associates, through our sister company Mazin Education, developed an online assessment system design to provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface for students, teachers, administrators and test developers. The system offers real-time, interactive reporting to drive instructional decisions and efficient back-end test management and storage of assessments, standards, items and assessment results.